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The telltale signs he wants you

1.You look deeply into his eyes and he stares back into yours even for a short glance there is chemistry.

2. You say something remotely unfunny and he starts laughing as if you're the funniest girl ever. 

3. He's always pleased to see you and probably misses you when you're gone. He does this by greeting you enthusiastically or smiling when you're there.

4. During an awkward silence he will always look at the ceiling or at his feet but really it is because he doesn't want it to look obvious that he was staring at you before.

5. He has a nick name for you. If he has a pet name for you like Honey then well done he recognises how sweet you are.

6. He calls you names. If he teases you it's that he likes it when you get mad because guys like fiery girls.

7. You do something because you don't care what anyone else says and he will also copy you as if you're the best at ideas.

8. Your body language matches his because he copies you and it is a real sign that he is thinking of you.

9. He will send you a text message on your mobile phone if you give him your number (definitely) now he has it he can arrange to meet you whenever he wants you.

10. He wants a snog so he will lean further and further in and then you should then look away on purpose so he kisses your cheek. You can decide to kiss him back or leave him waiting and he appreciates it more if you do wait.

11. If you are quite a bossy girl he will get used to you calling the shots. Now that means us girls are in control and we can make him play our stupid love game.

12. Flirt with him and he will flirt back. Sometimes his is not genuine but a sweet sensitive approach to a girl is only there when he isn't pleasing the crowd. If he likes you anyway he will hopefully ignore everyone else and be your prince charming.

13. There are people who spread the word that he likes you but the only person you can believe is him. Never get his friend to ask him out for you if he wants you so bad he will drop it into the conversation.

14. He says you're just friends but that means a lot more to a guy. If he wants to be your boyfriend he will be that 24/7 friend and a good shoulder to cry on. If you want to give him a friendly hug he is still being close to you and he will enjoy it.

15. You can never have too many compliments. He may hate your hair but he wants you to feel good about yourself so he will tell a white lie. The genuine way is if he touches it or completely shows a sudden interest in something.

16. He doesn't want you to come over to his house in fear of his mum, dad, brother and little sister giving him grief. He knows that you're not his girlfriend yet and can't face a meet the parents situation.

17. He will buy you really nice presents because you deserve it and will actually go shopping with you even if he hates visiting every clothes shop.

18. He sometimes phones you for no reason at all but to hear your voice and then he hates to hang up in fear of upsetting you.

19. He will call the next day or text you for sure if he wants to meet up again.

20. He may end up getting really drunk and confessing at a party now the worst thing to do is to humiliate him and reject him.

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