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What is a guardian angel? A Guardian Angel is a person someone loves who has passed on to a beautiful place. The beautiful place is Heaven. A Guardian Angel watches over you to make sure you are okay and protects you from the bad things that often happen in your life. A Guardian Angel prays for you when you think you can no longer go on. They give you the strength to make it through. When you do wrong, Guardian Angels do not hit, yell, or get mad, they help you see your errors and correct them. They console you gently and speak oh so softly when you are crying and upset. A Guardian Angel loves you no matter what happens. Sometimes, it may seem as if you hear a gentle, flowing, lovely voice speaking to you softly or the soft, gentle beating of long feathery wings, it is your Guardian letting you know she is there. Protecting, loving, and watching over you. She always prays for you. If you are ever lonely, always remember you have that special someone in your heart, your Guardian Angel.

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